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Meet The Founder - Taryn Luquin

Master Spray Tan Artist | Contour Specialist | Competition Tanning Specialist | Sunless Educator

Taryn Luquin is a well-known figure in the sunless industry, having been named an icon amongst sunless manufacturers. Her passion for educating others with the facts and helping them grow and succeed in their business has earned her a reputation as one of the world's most renowned experts in spray tanning. Since 2005, she has grown her business and became the go to spray tan artist for celebrities like Lisa Vanderpump, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Lopez, Jeremy Jackson, Lauren Powers, and many others! 


Taryn is the mastermind behind Paradise Sunless & Beauty, a revolutionary sunless tanning brand that has transformed industry standards to a higher level since its establishment in 2005. Through her persistent focus on innovation, quality, and safety, she has created cutting-edge sunless products that deliver flawless results and leave customers highly satisfied. Taryn's exceptional leadership has garnered a loyal global following among clients and sunless tanning professionals, solidifying Paradise Sunless as a premier brand in the industry.

Taryn's extensive experience and expertise as a spray tan educator have positively impacted the lives of many women worldwide for the past 20 years. Her mentorship and guidance have helped numerous women turn their aspirations into successful sunless tanning businesses, sparking a wave of entrepreneurial success within the sunless industry.

With her absolute dedication to delivering exceptional services, providing comprehensive education and support to her students, Taryn has been firmly established as a trailblazing figure in the sunless world. Her unwavering commitment to raising the bar in sunless education has propelled her to the forefront of the industry. She has made a huge impact in the sunless industry by always pushing the envelope with her creativity, innovation, and commitment to giving the best to others and empowering them.

As the sunless industry continues to grow, Taryn Luquin remains a highly respected figure in the industry, paving the way with her leadership and guidance inspiring numerous individuals to achieve success in this rapidly growing field. 

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