The Paradise Sunless & Beauty Difference

We have heard it and seen it all over the years in the sunless industry with the undesirable outcome from other solutions and decided to set a new standard and create a high end sunless solution that you and your clients will love. Our solutions are created by us and a top chemist, they are not a private label. They will set you apart from your competition.

Made in the USA from natural ingredients and infused with antioxidants, botanicals, anti-aging & skin firming ingredients, our luxury solutions will leave your clients with a natural looking tan and their skin feeling silky smooth. Our bronzers are more realistic, therefore when your client rinses off, the color wash off is very little. Your clients will not say that they smell like a spray tan because our formula is either infused with a light lemongrass scent which is unisex for both females and males or it is fragrance free. For you as the spray tan artist, there is no need to mix solutions to get the perfect color because we created each solution to deliver the perfect color for your client. The longevity and fade of our tans have been top rated compared to other products out on the market. 

What skin undertone is your client?

People have different skin undertones therefore it may confusing on how to tell what solution to use on them. So how does one tell what your clients skin undertone is? Let us tell you. While the word skin tone refers to the range of light to dark of your skin color, the word skin undertone is the overall hue that comes through from beneath your skin's surface. Always remember that the DHA in any solution works with the chemistry of ones skin undertone.

Types of Undertones

  • Warm: Golden, yellow, or peachy

  • Cool: Pink, red, beige, or blue 

  • Neutral: subtle beige

  • Olive: Greenish-yellow

What solution is best for your client?

The solution that works best for your client is the one with the appropriate DHA percentage, not the one that has a base such as violet, green, blue, or brown color guides. We always stick with the brown color guide. DHA (the main active ingredient in spray tan that tans our skin) is actually colorless. It's the cosmetic bronzer (color guide, dye, or some would say base) that you first see go on when you give your client a spray tan. Without the bronzers the sunless solution would be clear and somewhat difficult to apply evenly. Most cosmetic bronzers are made by mixing together 3 primary colors dyes, Red, Yellow and Blue (which together make brown). By manipulating the blending ratio between these three colors, manufacturers are able to influence the ‘base’ or ‘color guide’ but remember, the base or color guide is not the actual tan but it will give some depth of color while being sprayed on. Ever wondered why your spray tan turns green after 9 months or a year in the cupboard? Well, Red is the most unstable color out of the three. If it deteriorates you are left with only two colors, blue and yellow, which mixed together makes green! So your solution hadn’t necessarily gone bad, its just that the red coloring agent had failed and when that happens the solution can also smell bad.

What is the difference between the color guides?

Green Base –  Green bases/color guides can work across most skin types although can cause yellow hues on very fair skins. A green base counteracts the pink/red hue from a client resulting in a more natural color.

Violet Base – As the tan develops a Violet based/color guide product will counteract any yellow/orange undertones. That's because violet is on the opposite end in the color spectrum. When a darker tan is required, a violet based product will usually deliver the best results. Be careful with violet base/color guide solutions because some can have more violet in them causing your client to look on the pinkish/purple side.

The best solution for all clients are the ones with just a brown color guide, Solutions with brown bronzer/color guide are universal and work with all skin undertones making your clients tan look brown when it is first applied. Our Paradise Bronze solutions have brown bronzers in them. Our Martini's have some violet, brown, and blue in them which is great for clients who want that deep brown tan. But always remember that the bronzers are temporary and wash off with the first rinse, by the second or third rinse, the bronzers are completely gone leaving your client with the end result of their tan which is from the DHA. The DHA and the percentage of DHA is what makes the tan's end color. Also keep in mind that too high of a DHA percentage on a very fair skin client (Type 1, 2) can make them look orange.

Which DHA strength should I use on my clients?

It's very important to know what DHA percentage your tanning solution is. When it comes to choosing the DHA percentage for your client, it is best to go by their skin tone, how light or dark it is. 

Our solutions come in 7 strengths:

Paradise Bronze: (8 Hour Solution/Overnight - True Brown Bronzers)

5% (Light) - Great for Type 1, those that are porcelain, very pale, or ivory skin tone.

7% (Light/Medium) - Great for Type 1 (with a bit of a natural tan) & 2, those that are fair, pale color complexion.


8% (Medium) - Great for Type 2 & 3, those that are fair to medium skin tone.  


9% (Medium/Dark) - Great for Type 3 (those that are fair to medium skin tone) and 4 (light brown to olive skin tone).

10% (Dark) - Great for Type 3 and up, those that are  medium, light brown to olive skin tone.


12% (Super Dark) - Great for Type 4 and upthose that are light brown, olive, rich dark brown, to darkest brown skin tone.

Paradise Martini: (8 Hour Solution - A Blend of Violet/Brown/Blue Color Guide with Dark Bronzers)

Comes in DHA 12%Great for Type 2 and up. For those who like to go dark.

Paradise Martini Plus: (8 Hour Solution -  Just like our Paradise Martini, Martini Plus is even darker leaving clients deliciously dark. Comes in DHA 14%Great for Type 3 and up. 


Paradise Martini Rapid: (1 - 4 Hour Solution - Just like our Martini Plus with deliciously dark bronzers, this one is a rapid that is made for all skin tones/undertones. The bronzers are darker than Miami Obsession Rapid Solution but still leave your clients with a gorgeous natural looking tan.

Miami Obsession Rapid Solution: (1 - 4 (5 tops) Hour Solution) This one contains natural bronzers leaving your clients with a beautiful tan. Made for all skin tones/undertones.


Power Comp: (8 Hour Solution)

Made for those competing in a fitness competition. 10% DHA and is perfect for any stage lighting. No worrying about your athlete turning orange, red, or green.