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Wholesale Elite Self Tanning Mousse W/ Mitt (5 pack - $17 a bottle)

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Product Details

Now you can get Elite in a Mousse. Our luxury self tanning mousse is light to the touch and is great for the whole body or for parts like face, neck and other places. Like all of our other formulas, Elite is a non sticky formula and leaves the skin hydrated.

It is made from the very best ingredients and has a fabulous blend of natural oils, extracts, hydrating botanicals, and natural preservatives produce a luxurious ultra-lightweight lather that will leave your skin feeling so nourished like you never thought a self tanner could do and it is easy to apply. This luxury self tanning foam is silky soft and absorbs easily for an even application giving you a subtle instant bronze color with a gorgeous tan developing within a few hours, but is also the perfect thickness to prevent wasting valuable tanning product.

This luxurious product is paired with a velvet tanning mitt to provide a flawless tan every time. Hand-wash gently and you will enjoy this mitt over and over again. Say bye-bye to the harsh and drying effects of the sun and hello to beautiful, tanned, silky skin. Size: 7 oz Shade: Dark

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