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How long is the class?

Our Perfecting the Art of Spray Tanning course is a one-day course that is about 6 hours regardless of Skype or In-Person. Our students will have lifetime access to our step-by-step technique video, so they can go back to refresh if needed. If you are looking to train in one of our courses, feel free to contact us via Skype or phone for a free consultation and we'd be happy to discuss your goals.

What makes Spray Tan Academy different from other sunless training programs?

At Spray Tan Academy, we offer top-notch training and love empowering women to go above and beyond. We don't just teach you how to apply a spray tan, but we also train you in business & marketing, and mindset. We have over a decade in the spray tan industry and take pride in what we do. Unlike other training programs, we don't give you a certificate right after the course, we give you homework, grade it, and then give you a certificate. By giving you a certificate right after the course, it doesn't mean that you are confident and ready to take on the world of spray tanning, you have to work for it, just like cosmetology school. We want you to succeed in your sunless business. We also stay up to date with the latest in the sunless industry.

We strongly believe in quality, value, and affordability.  What separates us from other programs out there is:

* Our experience & reputation. Spray Tan Academy was founded in 2009 as the first brand-neutral training program educating students on technique & business worldwide. We have trained thousands of women around the world to start and grow their business to success. 

* We believe that no one should have to overpay for good training. We hate price gauging. So if you are new to the industry or even currently in the industry and see expensive training out there, it doesn't mean that it is good or a good investment and some of our students who have taken those expensive trainings can vouch for that.  

* We give free ongoing support to our students who take our training programs and do free phone consultations to those who are interested in taking our courses. We will go as far as to check in on our students who have taken our course to see how they are doing in their business. 


* We are Brand Neutral and believe students should have options on what equipment and spray tan solutions are out there. With this, we are supported by our sponsors from top brands and offer our students swag bags from them. We also educate students on those brands being unbiased and with proper knowledge. We may have our own spray tan product line but it's not about us, it's about every top brand that we also love too.


* Our student's success is our success. With our background in Marketing, we educate our students on the importance of being consistent and how to continue to grow their business. Many students start booking clients almost right away after getting their certification and make their money back in little time.

Who is the Perfecting the Art of Spray Tanning Course For?

Perfecting the Art of Spray Tanning Course is for the person who has never picked up a spray tan gun before and for the person who is currently a spray tan artist but wants to elevate their business. In this course, we start out by educating you about the science of spray tanning & DHA, the skin, how to apply a luxury flawless spray tan every time with our proven technique, how to master spray tanning hands, feet, arms, different body types, preventing & fixing mistakes, legal forms, client consultation, giving your client a 5 star experience, how to start your business, advertising, and then we go deeper so you can make more money with upsells and more. With this course, you will be business savvy, confident, and ready to book clients. 

Will there be support after taking the Spray Tanning Course?

Yes. Students who complete any of our courses will have a one on one, 15 minute on-going support for free via phone, or Skype. We do offer business coaching for a fee.


Is the Skype Course like an online course? 

No, it's better. Online courses show you videos and modules which may work for some but if you have questions, you are not able to ask them right there and then. Skype is more effective because it is live in real-time with you and your trainer so you can ask questions and get them answered right away. Skype is just like training in-person and is great for those out of state or country. It can also be recorded and kept for 30 days.

Is there a test that I have to pass after the course in order to get my certification? 

Yes. We will give you homework right after the course. We will grade it in order to get your certification.  


Why do I need a certificate to spray tan when I can watch YouTube videos for free?

YouTube videos do not educate you on the important things on spray tanning, instead, they'll teach you just how to apply a spray tan. There is much more to spray tanning than how to apply a spray tan. Anyone can go buy equipment and spray tan solution, watch videos and then say they are a spray tan expert but they don't have the proper knowledge of what it all entails. This is why there is a lot of misinformation in the industry. With a spray tan certificate, you are proving to your client that you took the time to learn and went through the proper steps to becoming a spray tan professional. With a certificate, your clients will trust you more and you look more legit as a business owner.

Do I need equipment at the time of taking the course?

Yes if you are taking our Skype Course. No, if you are taking our In-Person Course. Our in-person students will be using our equipment while doing the hands-on portion. (Try before you buy) If you need equipment, we offer bundles that include top of the line equipment, tent, supplies, and training for under $1000. If you purchase a bundle and are doing our Skype course, we will send you the equipment in advance so you will have it before your training day.

Is it required by law to be certified in spray tanning?

In most states no. In Oregon, you need to have an Esti license. We do recommend contacting your state board of cosmetology to make sure.

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