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NationalSpray Tan Day

Always on March 6

The official National Spray Tan Day is a nationally recognized day and has been a big hit amongst many salons and has been going strong since 2017.


What Makes This Day Special? 

The meaning behind National Spray Tan Day is to get women beautified and ready for International Women's Day which is on March 8th.


So what does this mean for salons?

Simple. It means that salons can offer discounts such as spray tan services, products, etc, to their clientele on March 6th. This gives us a great opportunity to celebrate and engage with others to get their glow on.

This special day will not only get your clientele in your salon but will also bring in new clientele so it's a win win for all. 

For more information on March 6th, go to

Spread the word for this special day and bring awareness. Hash tag #nationalspraytanday #getyourglowon 

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