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Mobile Spray Tanning vs. Home Base or Salon Costs

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Many in the sunless industry either own a salon, or spray tan out of their home (home base), or are mobile. Some tanners though struggle if mobile tanning is worth the time and money. Well let me set the record straight for you all.

Yes, you have to add in the cost of product, supplies, your time and whatnot. Regardless if you are in salon, home base, or mobile, you have to do that no matter what.

Cost to include when you own a salon - You have rent (anywhere from $600 to $4000 depending on your location), utility bills, insurance. We know that owning a salon can be hard because we managed one so we know all the costs that go into it. You'd have tan a lot of clients to make up costs for your overhead.

Home Base/Home Studio - Spray tanning out of your home is almost the same as owning a salon except now you have your home mortgage (if you have one), home owners insurance, house taxes (we all have those), utility bills (gotta have those, power for your machine, lights so you and your clients can see, water if your client needs to use the restroom)

Mobile Tanning - You don't have to lease out a space or pay rent which means you are able to cut your monthly expenses down a lot. Of course you'll be spending money on your monthly car payment if you have one, you'll have car insurance and gas but that is still much lower than having salon overhead or home base overhead. And wear and tear on your car, regardless if your tanning clients or not though you still have wear and tear on your car except you can claim car repairs if your car is for business use but you can't for personal use. With mobile tanning you are not spending a lot of time driving on the road if you book your clients close by and it is very possible. You can easily have 8 - 23 clients a day, that is individuals or those who tan with their friends in one location. For mobile tanning, you should spend no more than 15 - 30 minutes on a single tan at your clients home. It should take you about 3 minutes to set up your tent and machine, and supplies. This we know because we do it.

So ask yourself.....Is it worth doing mobile tanning? We think so and have been successful in it.

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