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Spray Tanning For Different Body Types

When it comes to sunless tanning, as a professional spray tan artist, you will be tanning pretty much every body type and it is a must to know how to do so. We all know that bodies come in different shapes and sizes, small bodies, big bodies, women with big breasts, some with creases, some with extra skin on certain areas, etc. With that being said, we need to take into consideration our client's feelings.

You always want to be professional regardless of what body type or shape you have in front of you because, at the same time, you want your clients to feel comfortable in front of you. Let's face it, it's not easy for anyone to stand nude in front of a stranger getting a spray tan.

When your client comes to you for a spray tan, start off by asking them why they are getting a spray tan. It's usually going to be for an event, vacay, or just to be tanned. Then prep them with the blending cream and pH Spray and then walk them through the positions. Starting off with a good conversation with your client tends to make them feel at ease and makes them feel more confident.

It is always best to start from top to bottom when spray tanning a client.

How To Spray Tan Every Body Type: Specific Areas of the Body


You can spray the face first but make sure to dry it completely. This way allows you to offer your client to go a little darker on their face at the end of the tanning application.


The second section of the body you should spray is their arms when raised up but if your client has larger breasts then spray under the breast first. For the best results, ask your client to lift their breast. You will then lightly mist spray horizontally under that area. You don't want to saturate but to make that area blend. Then right after you lightly mist the area, dry completely for at least 5 seconds then apply finishing powder. The finishing powder will absorb any perspiration.

Next, have your clients release their breasts and then raise their arms so you can spray their arms facing you. If your client does not have large breasts, then you would have them raise their arms and spray that area facing you. By doing it this way, no solution will get on their hands or fingers.


For clients with larger thighs and legs, have them part their legs a little so they are not touching. When the thighs are touching, this creates rub off of the tan and can cause marks. Spray the area, dry completely, and then apply finishing powder on the inner thighs. If you have a client with skin folds on their knees, have them lift their leg to set it on a step stool. Apply the solution and then completely dry the area before your client goes back to the standing position. If your client has creases on their knees, have them bend their knees, spray, then dry completely. Apply finishing powder afterwards.


When you have your client turn to the side, have them raise their arm in front of them and slightly bend their elbow. When your client is positioned to the side, never have their arm raised above their head due to causing marks o the shoulders.

If your client has skin folds or a crease on their side, then have them lean to the opposite side which will stretch out the skin. Spray as you would and remember to dry completely before tanning other body sections. For back skin folds or creases, have your client lean to the side as well.


When spraying your clients booty, have your client do a mini squat and then spray to ensure that the smile lines are being covered and not white. Dry completely before they return to the standing position.

Tips From The Experts

More Solution

For larger clients, use an extra ounce of solution, doesn't mean you will use all 3 ounces. It can be a little embarrassing to run out of solution. We don't recommend charging extra for solution on larger clients because this can make them feel uncomfortable.

Always Ask

Never assume that your client is okay with you touching them so always ask before you do and tell them why you need to such as applying powder, using the blending brush or roller.

Most states require you to be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist to be able to touch clients therefore if you are unsure, contact your local state board of cosmetology to get the facts in the area you are in.

Make Sure You Know What You Are Doing

When it comes to spraying larger clients don't be afraid to tell them the positions because your client is trusting you and knows that you know what you are doing. If they feel that you don't know what you are doing, they will feel uncomfortable.

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