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Why Having Insurance Is Important For Your Spray Tan Business

Insurance is very important to have in life and can save you at the end of an unexpected event. If you owned a house in a state where there are hurricanes and had no insurance, the situation can be very costly. If you had no medical insurance and you had to go to the hospital, your bill would be very costly. You are responsible for all the costs if something happened and you had no insurance. Insurance is a must have.

Having insurance is protecting yourself for unexpected events and losses financially and physically. If you are going into your clients home and you spill sunless solution on their expensive rug, your client is not going to be happy about that. If you don't have insurance, you will be paying a high price to clean your clients rug but if you have insurance, your insurance will start a claim. What ever the situation may be:

* allergic reactions to the products you are using

* property damage

* injuries

* client fainting and hitting their head on an object

* privacy issues

you want to be covered at all times. Let's be honest, unexpected situations do happen. It's not IF they happen, it's WHEN they happen. If you don't have insurance, you have no business owning a spray tanning business or a side hustle. A waiver is a must have but is not enough therefore insurance will support you if you come across a unexpected situation such as a lawsuit.

Let us save you the research time because we have done our research and found two insurances to be the best because of all the things they cover. We highly recommend Beauty & Bodywork Insurance or Insurtec. Both are very reputable companies and offer great coverage for your sunless tanning business against what I mentioned above. Beauty & Bodywork Insurance is $96 a year and Insurtec is $309 a year. These companies don't just offer insurance for spray tanning but also for other beauty services including teeth whitening.

So remember, if you don't have insurance, get it and be covered otherwise you have no businesses owning a business.

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