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High Performance on a Budget from a Brand you can trust


  • Designed for Salon/mobile use – 25+ uses a day (150 per week)
  • 400 Watt 110v
  • 1 spraygun with 3 cups, and spare parts kit
  • 1 year Maximist warranty on the turbine (limited)


n 2008 MaxiMist was born, and the unit that made our name was the MaxiMist HV5008. Through the years and many company acquisitions the unit was discontinued in 2015. To this day we still get calls for this machine with thousands that are still performing in the field 15 years later. After much though we have decided to bring this iconic unit back as the new MaxiMist Elite Series EVO.


The MaxiMist Elite Series EVO will come with either our standard MaxiMister ST300 spray gun featuring stainless steel fluid passageways and advanced air cap designs.

The MaxiMist Elite Series EVO features a compact yet powerful design that can handle up to 25 applications daily. Our new improved 12 ft hose that is reinforced at both working ends will provide extended periods of worry-free use.


The MaxiMist Elite Series Spray Tanning Gun ST300 is the best hands down spray tanning gun on the market. With our exclusive air cap design that applies tanning solution like a dream because of the advanced air cap design combined with our stainless steel 0.7mm tip and needle assembly that atomizes tanning solution into a silk like fine mist.

The MaxiMist Elite Series Spray Tanning Gun ST300 features a one click airbrush mode for contouring and detail work with a perfect circle spray pattern.


The MaxiMist Elite Series Spray Tanning Gun ST300 has the least number of moving parts of any pro style spray tanning gun on the market and features a zero O-ring design making maintenance super easy and less failure points to worry about.

This is a serious spray tanning gun for the serious professional.

Combined with the best package available today that includes:

3 additional cups with lids (a $60.00 value)

3 additional cup gaskets (a $24.00 value)

Needle Spring

Extra Gland Seal

Pick Up Tube

Spray Gun Lubricant

Cleaning Brush

Spanner Tool

And the best support in the industry, when you need us we are there!


Tip and Needle: Stainless 0.7mm

Weight: 378 grams

Cup: 8oz

Connection: Male Quick Connect


MaxiMist™ Elite EVO Spray Tanning System

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