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  • Designed for home/mobile use – 5  - 10 uses a day
  • 1 SatinAire Sprayhead with 3 cups
  • Remove gun from hose to Blow Dry


MaxiMist™ Lite Plus Spray Tanning System Performance on a Budget from a Brand you can trust


The MaxiMist Lite Plus – Spray Tan Machine is the perfect unit for home use as well as the budget conscious mobile tech or salon startup.


The MaxiMist™ Lite Plus features a powerful 300 watt Turbine and the Spray Gun features a German engineered spray nozzle that is designed to provide maximum atomization with the least amount of overspray possible. German engineering at its best!


The MaxiMist™ Lite Plus Spray Gun is super simple to use, extremely lightweight and incorporates a Non-Stick needle that virtually eliminates tanning solution buildup and corrosion which lead to clogs. Simple adjustments at the trigger allow you to control the spray pattern and will apply any tanning solution with flawless precision. 

The MaxiMist™ Lite Plus also includes our specially designed cups which feature a conical solution reservoir for optimum pick-up. This design forces all solution in the cup to the center allowing a more flexible range of movement while spraying. With an extra wide base for improved stability, we think our cups are now better than ever.

The MaxiMist™ Lite Plus package includes two (2) extra cups with airtight lids allowing you to change Tanning Solutions between applications without the need to empty and refill.


Simply put, if you’re looking for performance on a budget, The MaxiMist™ Lite Plus delivers without compromise


MaxiMist Lite Plus Features and Specifications;

  • CE, EU, ECAL Certifications
  • Powerful 300 watts single stage turbine 47cfm air flow, 110 v (USA only)
  • 6.5ft/2m flexi-Hose (remove gun from hose to Blow Dry)
  • Lite Plus Spray Gun w/5oz/150ml Cup
  • On Board Spray Gun Storage
  • Two (2) Extra 5oz/150ml Cups w/Lids
  • Spare Spray Gun Cup Gasket and Pickup Tube
  • Spare Spray Gun Nozzle Gasket
  • Spare Turbine Filter
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • Rated for light salon or mobile use (10 uses a day or 60 uses a week)
  • 1 year motor warranty
  • Weights 2kg/5 lbs
  • Model: ST610
  • 1 x 8 oz MaxiClean gun cleaner.  


Kit Includes:


- MaxiMist Lite Plus Spray Tan Machine
- 4x8 Pop-up Tent With Windows
- 16 oz Barrier Cream

- 8 oz. PH Balance Pre-Tan Prep
- 100 Count Hair Caps
- 25 Count Disposable Thongs
- 10 Count Nose Plugs

- 5 (4 oz) bottles of Paradise Sunless Solutions

MaxiMist™ Lite Plus Sunless Spray Tanning System (1 Standard Gun) Starter Kit

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