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Choosing The Right Spray Tan Training Course For You

Thought about starting your own spray tanning business but don't know where to start?

Getting your certification would be the first thing to do before you go any further on pursing your business. If you are doing a Google search on spray tanning certification programs, you will see so many programs. Prices will range anywhere from $150 up to $3500. With these prices, they can be overwhelming and confusing for newbies. What are you getting with a $700, $1500, $1900, $2500, $3500 program.

When we first started trained back in 2005 I did so much research. So what was the best way to learn? Well being an artist in painting and airbrushing for 25 years, spray tanning came easy to me and working in a tanning salon learning about the skin and learned how to spray tan there helped so much too. After the salon closed, I decided to carry on spray tanning. Educating the world on how dangerous tanning beds and laying out in the sun was important to me. Even though I knew how to spray tan, I knew there was more to it. YouTube videos on how to's and proper techniques helped a little but not much. Taking the online training courses NTTI & ATTI and passing the exams were okay but there was so much more to spray tanning that they did not explain and there is nothing like hands on. But as I practiced to the fullest and had years of experience from the salon, a lot of it was trial and error. In 2005, I was ready, had way more knowledge and was ready to conquer the spray tan industry and Paradise Airbrush Tanning was born which quickly became a growing empire.

For newbies just starting out, I want to help you choose the right tanning program because for one I would hate to see anyone pay so much for one. Believe me, there is a lot of price gauging out there. One student stated to me that she called a place and they charged $1900 for just knowledge on how to spray tan, nothing else was included. How ridiculous is that. Then another student called a place and they wanted to charge her $3500 for training and equipment. Once again, price gauging. So here is how to choose the right training course for you.

1. Learning from someone who is successful in the spray tan industry & has years of experienced is key.

If they are successful, then you will be too. Those trainers and mentors have been there, done that and have paid their dues. There are trainers out there who have been in business for 1 - 3 years and say they are pros but in reality that is not the case. It takes time to build your business, gain exposure and gain clientele but it all depends on how you market yourself, everyone is different and I am living proof. Choosing a trainer you that is going to teach you what you need to know, the ins and outs, the obstacles, the trial and errors they went through, and who you can trust to help you throughout your journey is very important as well. Some trainers charge you for on-going support such as a telephone call such as $100 an hour, not cool. Make sure you choose a trainer who offers on-going support, free of charge as this is important for you to succeed in the spray tan industry. Learning the right technique is very important. There are so many techniques out there and when choosing a program, ask the trainer how long it takes to tan a person. If they say 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes......look for a different trainer. Tanning a person the right way with the proper technique takes about 15 - 20 minutes. Trust me on this one.

2. Does the training program offer the business side? Some programs only train you on how to spray tan, but if you are wanting to start your own business, then it is best to choose a program that teaches the business side of the industry. Learning such things as the marketing, sales and how to start your business is very important, not just how to spray tan. When you invest in the right training program you will succeed. Not all training programs, equipment, and tanning solution are created equally. Also, make sure you are not getting priced gauged. A good affordable training program that includes equipment and tanning solution should be no more than $800.

3. Choose a company with a good reputation. Choosing a business with a good reputation is key because your potential clients do look at that. Check out the company's reviews such as on Yelp, Google, and Facebook. What they say and what they post will tell you a lot about that business. Some say that a good social media following such as having a high number of followers is the key to a good business but it's not. Many people like to follow companies just to follow them but it doesn't mean that they are active with that company.

4. You gotta have the right equipment.

There are many training programs who use their own equipment & solution and when they train you, they only want you to use their own, not what you should use. There are many types of machines and tanning solution on the market and believe me, I've tested them all. Some companies have just one tanning solution for all skin types, are they NUTS!!!!!!! No no no......that is a disaster waiting to happen with a client. Everyone's skin is different therefore, one must have different shades to their stock of products. It took me a lot of money testing out products finding the pros and cons of them and trying new machines and sending the machines back because I was not impressed. Ofcourse finally when I found the right tanning solution and equipment, that was what I wanted to train my students with because I had high confidence that it was the right one. 5. Does the company offer on-going support and do they charge for it? Going with a company that offers on-going support is another key. When you do a training program, you may feel confident at the end of your training but there is a lot to learn that you can't always remember everything you learned in a day. That is why it is important to train with a program who offers on-going support and who doesn't charge for it. If you have any questions on training courses, e-mail us at Learn the correct way with the right price!

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