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The Spray Tan Industry Is A Competitive World!

The spray tan industry is a very competitive world and hard to stand out from the rest because there are so many companies out there and spray tanning is not regulated but what can set you a part from the rest???? For those who have been trained and know what it takes to be a bad ass at what they do, what steps do you need to take to guarantee success? Marketing is the key to keep you going and good marketing at that. Our marketing background has made us very successful in the spray tanning world.

1.) Your clients........ Having a good working relationship with your client makes them feel comfortable when tanning with you. You should not limit yourself on who you want to cater to because when you do that, you fail. After all, almost everyone wants to have an awesome tan therefore, the audience is big in the industry. 2.) Who is your competition?......... Your competition are those who are active in the spray tan industry. Believe it or not, your competition will spy on you seeing what you charge for tans, how your techniques is and even go to your house, go through your trash can and see what brand of empty tanning solution bottles you throw away. (speaking from experience) Be on top of your A game by being creative with your marketing and being reasonable with your prices. No one likes sky high prices. Your work, product, prices, and thoroughness will set you a part from others and will keep your clients coming back to you. Forget who your competition is and focus on YOU & YOUR BUSINESS and be positive. 3.) Business Marketing......... Marketing your business is the key to getting your clients to come to you. Without marketing, you will not be successful in your business. To gain new clientele, you need to know how to market yourself. Advertising, giving discounts, even free tans will attract new clients. Having a website is huge because potential clients want to see who you are, your work and credentials. 4.) Your Product...... Having a good product is what keeps clients coming back to you. Stick to a few (at least 2) great brands of product. Believe it or not, clients can tell if your product has changed and if they don't like it they will stop coming to you. 5) Education....... Many spray tanners think they know it all..............WRONG! Unless you've been trained the right way, you don't know everything. I find that many spray tanners go to You Tube or online videos to learn spray tanning. They are not certified either. Those who have been trained know that there is always room for improvement and learning more. We at Paradise Airbrush Tanning are always educating ourselves on everything in the spray tanning world. If you need further support in the spray tanning world, that's what we are here educate you and help you succeed. Join our Facebook Group: The Spray Tan Experts - Educating The Right Way!

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