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Competition Tanning....Always Be Prepared

Hey Glow Getters!

Many of you have grown your business by going to the next level which is adding competition tanning to your mix. One thing you want to keep in mind is to ALWAYS have competition tanning in your inventory because you never know when a competitor is going to call you for a comp tan for his/her show. If they call you to book a comp tan and their show is in 3 days and you do not have competition solution on hand, you mind as well tell them that you can not tan them. Don't even think about tanning them with regular solution because comp tanning solution and regular solution are two different solutions and each are made differently.

So, our advice to you is ALWAYS have competition tanning solution on you at all times if you tan for fitness competitions because you never know when a client will call you to tan them for one. Whatever the competition tanning solution brand you use, always purchase ahead of time because sometimes shipping can be delayed for various reasons.


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