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Why Can't We All Just Get Along!!!!

Hello Glow Getters, (those who are just starting out and those who have been in business for sometime).

I've been in the sunless industry since 2005 and have been training others how to spray tan, learn contouring, and how to tan for fitness competitions since 2009. You would think owning a business is peaches n cream and for the most part it is, but there is a down side to it too. That is people not liking your success.

Throughout the years of my business and success, I've had other business's try to bring me down, sabotage me, and hope I would go away. Being the entrepreneur that I am, I don't let anything like that get in my way, matter of fact it makes me stronger and I get lawyers involved. Now you may ask, shouldn't we be working together to grow and learn from one another? Yes, we should but not everyone think like we do. There are people who don't want to work hard for their success therefore they will sabotage, make up lies about other business's, talk bad about other business's and whatnot, anything to bring that business down so that the one doing the bad mouthing can look good towards others. It can be done on social media, in person, etc. Now some may, say "be the bigger person and let it go" or "don't respond and they will stop." Those two options are not always true because it won't stop others from doing it again and again. So, keep in mind, having a lawyer on hand is always best for situations like these. You want to stop the negativity before it gets worse.

In any business, we should all support and inspire each other because we are working towards a goal and that is to succeed. There is no need for ugliness.

Here is an article that not just spray tanners go through but photographers as well.

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