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Can You Work Out After A Tan?

Often we get the question? Will my tan last if I work out every day?

The truth is, if you sweat a lot, your tan will have a short lifespan. When you are working out, the movement is creating friction with the sports bras which can be tight, the compression leggings or shorts and that can cause rub off. Here are some tips to keep your tan flawless while getting a workout in.

We get clients that ask "Can I work out while I have my tan on before I rinse?" We say no to this one, you want to work out before your tan appointment. You can workout after your first rinse. Sweating before your first rinse can cause bad end results.

We recommend applying finishing powder to areas where there will be friction such as inner thighs, sports bras, and creases in the elbows and knees. To prevent armpits from being white (due to sweating) we recommend Degree which helps with excessive sweating. The Degree Motion Sense works great.

Avoid the Saunas in the gym and hot yoga for this will sweat off your tan quickly. If you want to use or do them right before your next tan then that is fine but not when you are trying to keep your tan lasting.

After your workout, make sure to shower right away because when the sweat dries on your skin it can cause the tan to peel. When you are sweating, pat yourself with a gym towel but don't rub otherwise you will streak your tan.

If you follow these steps, your tan will last longer like it should.

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