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How to keep your books filled

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

So you did your training, got your certificate, your business license, DBA, and all the other fun stuff. Those were the first few steps to do before getting your clientele. Your next step is to build your solid clientele, don't stress out about this because it does take work and time. Remember, what you put into your business is what you will get out of it.

Have a website

Now, I don't mean a basic one but an informative one. List what you offer, how it works which is educating your potential clients on the process and whatnot, and prices. Make sure to have a section on your website with reviews from real clients. Girl, we have seen other companies with fake reviews on their website, don't be that company. Reviews from your past clients will help your potential client make the decision if you are a good fit for them. How many times have you shopped for something and scrolled through the reviews to see if that product was good for you? Many times probably. Also when people search on Google, they like to see companies with websites because to them, the company seems more legit.

Build your business is through social media.

By posting your work and educating your clients about what you offer and how it will benefit them will have them interested in your service or product. Now by posting, I mean not just posting here and there but by being consistent about it. Get your name out there. Post a before and after photo of one of your clients (with their permission ofcourse) One thing I do is give my clients $5 off their next tan if I can post a photo of them post rinse their tan.

Post Tan Follow Up

You should always do a follow up with your clients because this is how you build trust and a relationship with them and also, to them it shows that you care about them. 5 star customer service is very important. This can be a quick message asking your client how their tan came out. I usually ask the following day and then when they respond which is usually a good response, I then ask them them to leave a review on my website, Google, or Facebook Business page. Asking clients for a review on their experience may seem uncomfortable but if you don't ask you won't get a review. You can also.............................

Give your client a discount

Fact! People love free stuff and saving money. How do you think wealthy people are wealthy? (I was told this by a few wealthy people about that) After your clients tan session and educating them on the proper after care, take the opportunity to ask them for a review on your Facebook Business page or Google in return for $5 off their next tan session. I'll tell them "if you'd like to receive $5 off your next tan, please leave a review about your experience." It only takes a few minutes to leave a review from your client.

Getting new clients does not cost anything like some say

They say it cost more to get new clients compared to keeping your repeat clients. That is absolutely false because when you post on social media such as a Facebook private community forum it just costs your time which is a few minutes. Your new clients turn into repeat clients which then keeps your appointment book full. When I get new clients, I give them a cute little gift bag that has inside a 2oz tan extender, a chap stick or spf packet, an after care card and my business card. Clients love that because it's free and its something they can use to take care of their tan (the tan extender). Doing little things lie that will have your new clients coming back and referring their friends to you which means more clients and more money for you. If it works for me, it can work for you too. You just gotta do it and the above.

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Love ya all,


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Thanks to your strategies, my books have been quite full.

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