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About Paradise Sunless & Beauty

In 2006, Spray Tan industry expert & celebrity tan artist Taryn Luquin decided that it was time to create a solution that was over the top, a sunless solution that leaves no tanning smell, one that was universal for all skin tones/undertones, one with a pleasant scent that all clients will love. She decided to work with a top notch chemist to create her own formula Paradise Sunless & Beauty. This formula is not a private label of another company's product like most spray tan solutions are. 

"We keep our standards high and deliver top quality products on the market used by professionals in the U.S."

With all the research and testing we have done, we are proud to have the best products and equipment in the industry and strive to have the highest level of customer service. We will provide you with constant, professional support via email, phone, or text to answer any of your questions as you start your spray tan business. Our solution is trusted by many customers nationwide including Hollywood stars and make-up artists. Our equipment is the best on the market and very affordable, not to mention reliable.

Our entire spray tan solution product line Paradise Sunless & Beauty is made of naturally derived ingredients and is always made fresh. We stand by our products and in our commitment to making our products fresh, to have the best color, even fading, and the best ingredients.

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