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The Iwata Silver Jet Airbrush System is recommended and perfect for body contouring for beginner and advanced spray tan technicians. Centered around the Iwata Silver Jet compressor & paired with the Iwata NEO BCN airbrush, this light-duty compact kit is portable, reliable and convenient.


The Silver Jet Airbrush System Includes:

  • Iwata Silver Jet Compressor

  • hose

  • Iwata NEO BCN Airbrush

  • Getting Started Instructions 



Feature a a 0.5-mm needle and nozzle combination for high-performance, general purpose, high paint flow spraying and wider spray patterns.

Siphon-Feed Bottle:
Includes a 1 oz. Big Mouth Bottle.

Air Pressure: Ideal operation is between 10 and 60 psi.

Iwata Silver Jet Airbrush System

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