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Power Comp Ultra Dark Competition Tanning Spray 8 oz - Wholesale (minimum of 6 bottles)

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Product Details

Now you can take Power Comp with you to all your fitness competition shows.

Power Comp is guaranteed to be the best competition tanning formula on the market leaving your clients with a deep dark brown color for their competition. With one application, Power Comp will give them the perfect stage color they need or they can use it for touch-ups, the choice is theirs. This spray comes with a mini woven roller for easy application and it's mess free. Unlike other competition formulas, there is no need to purchase a base & top coat formula, Power Comp is an all in one. Your clients can use it for their first and second application.

It will not turn you orange, red, purple, or green like other competition tanning formulas nor does it have any harsh ingredients such as acetone, it applies evenly, dries quickly, and is streak free.

One Color - One Solution - For All Divisions/Categories

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