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Body Contouring.....It's A Road Map!

So you have learned how to spray tan but what else is next? Body contouring is growing in the tanning industry. The thing with that is, many think they can do it by watching videos and how to's but when it comes down to it, it is a different story. Body contouring is an art just like spray tanning, you either have it or you don't. Being an artist for over 20 years, body contouring came natural to me. It has also helped my business in a big way and has set me apart from my competitors in the industry. It is not just bodybuilders want contouring done but everyone else such as models, celebrities, people who go on vacays and more who want to look toned. They want that instant gratification a spray tan can do and with body contouring it is all possible. It takes me about 30 to 45 minutes to contour a whole body being very detailed. Yes, I love to make the muscles pop. I always start from the top (face) and work on down and end with the calves. Body contouring takes practice and there is nothing like hands on training for that and not to mention patience but once you have it down it's easy breezy.

1.) Me personally can work with any type of machine to contour but a gravity feed, dual action airbrush gun works great. Iwata Power Jet Pro and Dual Action gun (which I have) are top of the line and if you are in California, you can get those at Coast Airbrush in Anaheim. This type of gun is different than your HVLP spray tan gun.

2.) By studying female and male anatomy, you’ll start recognizing the correct placement of muscle groups, allowing you to extend and sharpen a craft that’s unique to your individual artistry and talents. Whether the look being sought after is that of a slender high fashion model, or a dramatically defined fitness competitor, you’ll be able to pull out these looks and increase & soften the look, all utilizing just your airbrush tanning equipment. After all, we all have muscles, they just might be covered up by a little body fat. Here's where you will be able to help bring em out from hiding!

To enhance a muscle, your client may have to turn a certain way to enhance that muscle so you can contour it. I highly recommend taking a hands-on body contouring class. 3.) The art of contouring is just that, an art. The muscular body is like a road map

to guide you showing you all the muscle groups, study it. Not everyone who wants contouring has noticeable muscles and that's okay. With certain movements from your client, the muscles will then show themselves and will guide you to where to contour. Practicing on different types of clients (muscular

and non-muscular) is very important after all, we all have different body types. Once you have learned how to body contour and have practiced, you'll be the one that sets you apart from your competitors. To learn more on body contouring, we do offer the class on our website.

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