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How To Promote Your Spray Tan Service

Owning your own spray tan business in many ways is fun, exciting and rewarding but yet it can be hard and frustrating during the slow season. The slow season is usually early January til beginning March. So what can one do during that short amount of time? Find ways to promote your spray tanning services.

Promoting is key to gaining clientele but doing it the right way, you don't want to come off as the pushy sales person. Be creative and come up with some cool discounts to offer your clients. Who doesn't like to save a few bucks? Going to events such as trunk shows, fashion shows, trade shows, even beach events are a great way to promote your spray tanning services. Even leaving business cards at hair salons and nail salons are a great way to promote. Have fliers with what you are offering your potential clients. When making fliers, create them so it catches your clients attention, make them fun but yet professional. Offer your new client a discount off their first spray tan. Another way to promote is to pass out a free mini tan extender lotion bottle with your business card at events. People love free stuff. It's okay to give away free spray tans. If you break it down to unit cost, a spray tan costs you about $3 and 15 - 20 mins of your time. To offer a free spray tan, you need to go after your target audience which are people who would spray tan and those who can refer new clients to you. I keep track of who refers new clients to me by writing it down in a book. I do "refer 3 clients and get a free tan." It's a win win situation for you because you are getting new clients and for your client, they get a free spray tan.

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