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Branding Your Business

What does branding your business means? It means the establishment of your company, letting people know who you are and at the same time keeping your target audience aware of your happenings. Your website, logos, slogans, retail products are all part of your branding of your company. Believe it or not, branding is the most important thing to do in order to promote your business because it gets your name out there to the public and sooner than you know, people start recognizing your company when they see your logo, slogan, name, or product. There are many things you can do to brand your company. 1. Make Your Presence Known You won't grow your brand unless you make your presence known. Network with others, make yourself known on social media platforms. If you haven't done that before, introduce yourself and talk about your brand or product without selling anything because people want to know about you first. Keep in mind that one likes a pushy car sales person. 2. Create Your Own Business Ads And Not Someone Else's Have you ever noticed that when you see spray tan ads, they look familiar like you've seen them before? About many other spray tan businesses have the same exact ad which gets old real quick. If you want to catch your audiences attention with your ads, one must make them stand out; be original & creative and make your own. To name a few good websites, Word Swag, Pic Lab, and Canva are some good ones. They allow you to add your own text as well as your own background on the photo you are using. Doing this will make your ads stand out and better yet, make them yours and not someone else's.

3. Your Success

Many of us want to be successful in our business and some companies will even shop you by calling you and asking all these questions about your business....what product you use, what equipment you use, etc. Since we train others to start their own business in spray tanning, our job is to help others succeed just like us. Spray tanning is a multi-million dollar industry and one can make 6 figures if done right, that means proper training, good customer service skills, spray tan technique, having the right product, and the right marketing skills. With that, you will have repeat clients which they will tell their friends and family about your company and your business will grow. Happy Branding Loves!

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